Islam is the enemy of… the zombies

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There was an interesting exchange of letters and articles going on in the Irish Medical Times recently over events in Bahrain, where medics linked to the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) have been tried in military courts and jailed for treating wounded protestors who were injured by that country’s security forces.

Glór Moslamach has repeatedly pointed out the brutality of so-called Muslim countries and their tyranny against their own people. Only a few weeks ago we saw pictures of a nine-year-old boy run over by cars driven by Bahraini police and military. This young martyr became the best of all martyrs, for he stood up against a tyrant ruler and the ruler in turn killed him. We would like to ask all our Muslim readers to stop here and do Fatiha for Ali Yousaf Al Satarwi.

Curiously, the RCSI remains silent on the plight of its former students in Bahrain. We demand of it to comment on the expectations of its fellows, members and associates imprisoned for treating the wounded. Let it be a guiding light, worthy of its international repute, and take a proactive, pro-mankind approach. As doctors, they are one of the last vestiges of mercy for mankind.

More recent still, documents published by Wikileaks informed us that certain so-called leaders in the Muslim community have been helped by the Americans, who have written letters in their name to The Irish Times in support of the American invasion of Iraq. These ‘Uncle Tom’ Muslim leaders try to use the sectarian and extremism cards against Muslims to divide them. They published those letters shamelessly knowing fully well that Americans tortured and killed innocent people in the most inhuman manner in Abu Gharaib prison, regardless of whether they were Shia or Sunnis.

Those who play these cards of sectarianism and label other Muslims as extremists are also enemies of Islam and Muslims. One could attack The Irish Times for allowing such trash to be published by these puppets, but then they will go and hide behind notions such as freedom of expression and nonsense like that.

An example of the double standards of these newspapers is the story of a hypersonic missile that America has successfully test fired which can travel thousands of miles within an hour. All is well in the media about this. But if Iran or Pakistan had developed such a weapon, the global media would have had a field day, in a manner in no way conducive for good foreign relations. It would surely start a new global arms race and create instability in the world. Yet none of this apparently happens when the US develops such weapons.

Meanwhile, the zombies stand before Muslims every Friday, telling them that they should not protest the wrongs being done to them, rather confine themselves to good manners, and with that the whole of the world will turn towards Islam! As if having good morals was something exclusive to Muslims! Preaching inaction in face of open injustice is an act of war against Islam and Muslims.