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Unacceptable Behaviour.

Back in the year 2000, a man was quickly rising to fame in the Muslim world. This man is Dr Zakir Naik. He originates from Mumbai, India and is a well respected scholar of various books of different religions such as Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. He has debated on interfaith issues in front of audiences as large as a million people. His dialog is well known to be mutually respectful and his message is completely non violent. He has openly opposed terrorism in the name of Islam. He also runs a cable channel which started broadcasting a few years ago called Peace TV which is available via satellite in many countries around the world for free.

We heard the news recently that the new U.K home secretary Theresa May, has banned Dr Zakir Naik from entering the UK for a speaking tour accusing him of “unacceptable behaviour”. This is a sign of extreme intolerance and hatred. In all honesty we are getting weary of these double standards… This hypocrisy seems to be never ending. On one hand the UK bans Dr Naik but on the other allows anti Islam ‘hate preachers’ like Geert Wilders to speak to the Parliament!!! Does anyone else need further proof that western governments are desperate to silence opposing and competing views and allow ‘free speech’ only to the enemies of Islam?

If anyone has ever viewed Peace TV, they would know that Dr Naik is the mildest Muslim speaker there ever could be!!! The only message that the Muslim community can take from this is that their views will be opposed and banned eventually. We would encourage our community to take heart from these defeatist actions. Muslims should stand for justice and continue to carry the message of Islam through dialog and discussion to the wider society. The enemies of Islam and humanity have tried to ban Islamic ideas even during the time of the messenger Muhammad peace be upon him, but they cannot extinguish the light of God. Islam is destined to illuminate the darkness of this world, like it has done so before, no matter what these governments do.