The Imam who speaks the Truth!!!

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Here is an example of an Imam that speaks the truth… Meet Sheikh Israr Rashid from Birmingham… I recently made a point about how giving excessive media exposure to narcisstic parrots like Pir Hazrat Charlatan establishment stooge Professor Doctor Umar Al Qadri wal Fraudi of Blanchardstown is actually one of the reasons for increase in extremism within Muslims… Now hear this Imam say the exact same thing in this interview… Irish media should take notice before trouble comes to our Emarald Isle due to their stupid antics… God forbid!!!

Media presenting a one sided Imam driven version of Islam will eventually create hate within the Muslim community… State sponsored media darling Imams parrot a narrative that is not representative of mainstream Muslims and thus creates further ignorance in the minds of local non Muslim population and a sense of isolation within the local Muslim population… If there is a real desire for balance in the whole narrative related to Islam then this Imam is the perfect example of how common Muslims feel and think on various issues.