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A few years ago, in Birmingham U.K, a group of friends were having a heated discussion. The topic ranged from identity to current affairs. Britain became an increasingly hostile place for Muslims because of the Iraq war and the 7/7 bombings. There was one point that stuck in my head from that discussion. One of the Bromies pointed out that there is such a huge emphasis by the British government for the Muslim community to take pride in being British when in reality there is absolutely no reason why someone and specially a Muslim would take pride in such a thing. He mentioned an interesting perspective to us. The night before, he had been watching a documentary about the Tiger of Mysor Sultan Tipu of India. It showed how the British after destroying Bengal turned towards Mysor and how Tipu gave the British East India Company total hell on all front s in defence of his land and his people. Tipu took leadership from his father Haider Ally who had also resisted the British invasion of the Indian subcontinent. It is widely believed that the Americans named one of their ships Haider Ally as the American civil war was being waged just when the British were beginning to colonize and eventually destroy the Indian subcontinent. With the help of hypocrites and traitors like Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq the British finally defeated Tipu in battle and upon seeing his dead body one of the commanders of the British stated. “From today, India is ours.” Our friend asked us that with all this in our history and what the British have done to Muslims since their bloody crusades, they still have the audacity to demand that Muslims should take pride in being British. What a joke!!!

We believe that a good measure of the character of society is to look at what is being said in its media. The Irish in general are good natured and warm hearted people. We can actually speak from experience that the majority of Irish people admire Muslims for their honesty, hard work and integrity. Yet for some reason people like Kevin Myers, a columnist in the Irish Independent, are celebrities in this country. Most of our readers would know Mr Myers from his racist column about how “Africa is giving nothing to anyone — apart from AIDS”, and how Muslim doctors such as ourselves should be barred from coming to the Republic because we are all terrorists and usual buffoonery of this level on a regular basis. The biggest problem is that it is all presented as intellectual work of the highest order. And while the media is giving space to such people, at the same time we are hammered with speeches of integration!!!

Often those who believe that the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim accuse us of being anti British and anti American whereas in reality we desire the best for both Britain and America. We are only against the oppression that these countries have unleashed in the world. Be it the Crusades or the British East India Company of the past or the invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan of today. It totally baffles the mind when patriots of the non existent British Empire lament the fact that no one really likes the British and they wonder like fools why that is the case. Recently wikileaks and the Guardian newspaper published a long list of incidents where the British troops in Afghanistan have opened fire killing hundreds of unarmed civilians including women and children. The Guardian printed 21 such incidents from 2006 to 2009. We would like to ask one simple question from all those who accuse us of being anti British and anti American. Do they condone such actions by the British and the Americans? Send us an e mail and let us know. We have a feeling that no one will respond to our request but if someone does the answer hopefully would be a “No”. After that we can call them anti British also!!!

Lastly since we are still waiting for the Ministry of Integration to tell us what it actually does, perhaps we should inform them that we are doing our best in the Muslim community to keep calm and peace despite the herd of ejits in the media who exploit the ignorance of the common person about immigrants, and scare them with lies about Islam and Muslims in particular. This is the one of the main reasons for community disharmony. We have to remind our readers that despite all their hate for Muslims, people like Kevin Myers at least, do not have blood of innocent Labenese on their hands. The credit for that goes to the Irish State that has fuelled planes taking weapons to Israel during the Zionist State’s bombing and murder frenzy against Lebanon in 2006.

So whats next for discussion? The Nigerians who stole Irish Jobs?