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It is with great sadness we read about Imam Halawa’s children being detained by the Egyptian police.

We pray for their quick release. May Allah keep them safe. A few points can be made in context of these arrests.

Our Shayookh should now realize that the most severe difficulty and problem facing the Ummah is not their ignorance of how to pray, doing ablution or fiqh issues of fasting in Ramadhan. Think of the hearts of those Muslims who for decades have had their loved ones kidnapped, arrested, imprisoned, tortured, raped and even killed by the very state agencies that are meant to protect and honour them. Then think of the hearts of the relatives of those Muslims. Think of those who are going to sleep with hungry stomachs. Think of the agony of this nation of Muslims, believers in Allah and the last day.

Muslims will have to start questioning the Shayookh soon. Dont get me wrong, I am not talking about Sheikh Halawa here. Its a universal disease that afflicts many within the Ummah. Despite the blatant tyranny that our people face across the Muslim world, our community leaders, shayookh and scholars talk about irrelevant and sometimes downright ridiculous issues. Perhaps it is time that we talk about the real problems that face Muslims. Let us not be afraid anymore, for everyone shall taste of death. If you stay quiet about injustice, you become part of that injustice. Let us radicalize the Muslim population to be politically sharp and aware, instead of doing hypnosis on them every Friday week in week out.

In all these years I have been living in Ireland, I have only heard a mainstream Imam speak once against a regime ruler in a Friday speech. The speech was against Qaddafi at a time when his regime had collapsed and it seemed certain that he will eventually lose all power and get caught. Why? Was Qaddafi not a problem for more than forty years?

Better late than never I guess.

And may Allah keep all Muslims and their families safe, and give sabr to all of us. Ameen