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Mrs Windsor’s visit to the Republic of Ireland.

Published on May 15, 2011

Here I was thinking about my next column and in walked a handsome Irishman in a Garda uniform in our offices just outside Phoenix Park. I was obviously curious as to what was going on. The man was looking through windows and checking out the different floors. My friend Jerry at the reception later told me that the Gardai are checking different buildings around the route of the Queen of England’s visit to Ireland next month. The fear is that the IRA could take people hostages and use a sniper for an assassination. Suddenly it occurred to me. This is what I should be writing about today.

Monarchy is a strange and downright ridiculous idea to be honest. What are we? Ants? Honey Bees? Why is it that someone is given such a high status in society merely because he or she was born in a certain family? Strange.

The Queen’s visit to Ireland however is even more intriguing. Not only it is putting unnecessary burden on the Irish police services for arranging security for her, but also on all the businesses and residences around Phoenix Park area because they may be forced to shut down on the day of the Queen’s visit for security reasons. It will also disrupt my fellow trinitarians examination dates. Not to mention wasting our tax money. A similar drama is happening in England as I write, where according to one report twenty million pounds of taxpayers money is being burned up for security measures for the Royal Wedding. I simply dont get it. Did someone elect the Royal Family? The guest list at the wedding interestingly includes “crown” (clown) Prince of Bahrain, a country where a few weeks ago unarmed civilians were gunned down during protests. Why not invite Saif Gaddafi and Gamal Mubarak?

You have to ask the question. Why does anyone want to assassinate an old lady Elizabeth the Second on her first ever visit to Ireland? It obviously has to do with the atrocities and the tyranny that the Irish people faced under the British rule for hundreds of years. The British Royal Family is that very symbol of oppression in the minds of millions across the world. From India to America, the enlightened people know what British monarchy and imperialism has represented in the past.

Personally I am against the Queen’s visit to Ireland. I can understand the argument of those who talk about letting bygones be bygones. However this is not about retribution. It is about the very blood of Ireland, its history, its brave souls and its land. Its about the great famine when Queen Victoria refused the donation of ten million pounds by Caliph Abdul Majeed just because she wanted him to reduce the donation to less than what she was donating, a mere two thousand pounds. The Sultan was forced to donate only one thousand pounds but he secretly sent three ships of food which the British courts tried to stop and would not let the Turkish sailors dock at Dublin or Belfast. The Turkish sailors had to unload their food at Drogheda eventually. You wont read about this event in your Irish History books at the local library because the imperialists are good at white washing their crimes. An article on torture at the Mau Mau detention camps by Professor Caroline Elkins in the Guardian on the 14th of April, 2011 describes how the Imperialists tried to hide the British brutality in Kenya.

While the media in Ireland focusses on the Queen’s visit, perhaps an equal amount of focus should be given to why now? My dear Irish people, always remember. Those who forget their history become history. But since the decision for the Queen’s visit has already been taken, Lt. Frank Drebin said. “No matter how silly the idea of a Queen is to us, as Americans (Irish) we must be gracious and considerate hosts.” A colleague of mine JP, a fellow of infinite jest commented. “If the British want to remain stupid by insisting on keeping a Queen, then we should respect their right to remain stupid”.

I say thank God the Royal Wedding was in London and not Paris or Kate Middleton would have to spend her honeymoon in jail for wearing a veil.

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    Well the one good thing that did happen because of the Queen’s visit was that the Irish Government repaired the roads around our neighborhood from where the Queen had to pass by on her way to the Guinness storehouse for her pint of free beer. The road was particularly bad just outside Inchicore Library.