Of Wolves and Caliphates (Part 2)

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In the name of Allah most Beneficient most Merciful

For the purpose of this blog entry remember HT = Hizb ut Tahrir and TJ = Tableeghi Jamaat.

Hizb ut Tahrir:

Before I go into a detailed discussion of why I do not accept Hizb ut Tahrir to be worthy of Muslim leadership, please remember that I am the biggest sinner on the face of the Earth. Let me repeat that this discussion is not an exercise in holier than thou rather my observations and experience of this party over many years.

There are a lot of things to admire about Hizb ut Tahrir. These include some of the most learned people in issues related to Ahkam al Sultaniyah or simply matters of Statecraft. They also include very noble and devoted Muslims who want to remove the sick psychopaths that rule the Muslim world today and to reunite the Muslims as one single state as ordered by Islam. I have always said that the Caliphate is the solution to the many problems facing the world today. However there are reasons for me now to disclose in public for the first time in detail that Hizb ut Tahrir is not exactly what it appears to be.

Hizb ut Tahrir is backed by the British Establishment:

This is an open secret. Many Hizb members know this to be the case. It is hard to believe for many I know. Allow me to explain this tricky notion how an organisation that wants to establish a political state that would be the anti thesis of everything that Britain stands for would be backed by the British establishment itself!!

In 2006 I had the opportunity to attend one of Hizb ut Tahrir’s gathering in Birmingham. It was a small gathering of their local members, supporters and students of the party where they discuss political issues. In this gathering Dr Imran Waheed who has been an official spokesperson of Hizb ut Tahrir for many years said the following.

“I tell the shabab this and they don’t believe me, but Britain has a huge interest in the idea of the Caliphate. They want to help us create a Caliphate so that they can remove the tremendous American influence within the Muslim world. But we will protect the party leadership so that it does not come under the British influence.”

I am speaking from a ten year old memory here but remember some incidents are so shocking that one remembers them almost exactly as to how they happened.!!!

If you are unaware of Hizb ut Tahrir’s link with British establishment, it will take a while to sink in. I could not believe my ears at that time when I heard this. So one day I confronted my contact in Hizb ut Tahrir over this and told him straight to his face that you Hizb ut Tahrir are being backed by the British establishment. He did nt say anything but smiled and we did nt speak any more of it. I confronted another member of Hizb ut Tahrir over this in Pakistan. That member told me that yes most certainly we are being helped by Britain but see what we do to Britain once we have the Caliphate. Essentially what he was hinting at was that Hizb ut Tahrir plans to double cross Britain once they have achieved power in the Muslim world.

Look I will leave the readers to form their own opinion regarding this. I am only going to say three things here.

Three wisdoms:

This explains why Hizb ut Tahrir operates so freely in the Western world. When many different Prime Ministers of countries from U.K to Australia talk about proscribing the organisation yet all that talk just disappears into thin air after a while!! This is an extremely important point to be noted. Hizb ut Tahrir seems to have a backing that is in some ways stronger than elected Prime Ministers of the country. My guess is that this can only be the intelligence services of these countries.

The second point here is that someone could blame me for not telling the world about this sooner. After all I am narrating an event from 2006 and it has been ten years since that time. Instead I have always been and continue to be an advocate for the Caliphate. Well let me just take the blame here. I am guilty as charged over this even though I have not been completely silent. I have in the past indicated to some people that I know this secret of Hizb ut Tahrir. However, I had good reasons not to discuss these things in public. Foremost I thought that it was very important for the knowledge of Caliphate to spread among Muslims. See if you are a non Muslim you may not understand this point but allow me to elaborate here a little. If it had been the case that the correct knowledge of Caliphate were prevalent among Muslims, would ISIS have any appeal in the Muslim world? Today thousands of Muslims are flocking to ISIS everyday. Had Muslims been properly indoctrinated in the idea of Caliphate, everyone would ve seen through the ISIS masks!!! That would have been good for the whole world. Even today, I stand for an open discussion on the topic of Caliphate where Ahkam ul Sultaniyah, politics and economics according to Islam should be discussed and learnt. I thought Hizb ut Tahrir was doing this to a certain degree so I decided not to talk about their British connection.

The third point here is that there is an institution that has very clearly identified Hizb ut Tahrir as British assets. This is none other than The Armed Forces of Pakistan. I may be thinking out loud here but I would not be surprised if there were inter services intelligence agents inside Hizb ut Tahrir. This does nt matter though considering Pakistan Army itself has aligned itself with the Americans despite knowing fully well that America has never been sincere towards Pakistan and secondly Pakistan Army has the knowledge of the Caliphate themselves. Pakistan Army could and should support the idea of Caliphate instead of opposing it. They are using Hizb ut Tahrir being backed by Britain as an excuse not to implement the Caliphate, when they know fully well that the only future for Pakistan is the Caliphate. I shall elaborate on this point in more detail in the next section when I discuss the strange case and person of Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid.

At this point I will also tell you about a member of Hizb ut Tahrir who is based in Australia. I met him in Pakistan when he was visiting and wanted to meet different politicians to discuss about the Caliphate with them. While we were talking he told me that he himself was assigned the task of meeting an intelligence officer in Australia where he gives regular updates of party activities to this officer. I still remember he told me that once he took a friend with him and the intelligence officer actually got alarmed and worried for a while considering she was not expecting two members of Hizb to attend the meeting.

A party of Pompous, Obnoxious, Rude, Insulting and Ignorant Characters.

Before I discuss this particular aspect of Hizb ut Tahrir, it would be important to mention that there are good people in this party. I have had many “friends” over the years among them. It is a different matter that these friends have not contacted me in years, Those who did contact promise that they are going to come and visit me and never did. However, the reason I am writing this today is not to highlight the good within Hizb ut Tahrir rather whether Muslims can entrust this organisation with leadership of the Ummah or not.

The biggest reason for me bringing this issue to the pubic is the way in which I have seen Hizb ut Tahrir members behave. I am of the firm belief that those who should be given leadership of Muslims should not only be aware of the political affairs of the world, they should also be pious people with a noble and very good attitude towards other Muslims. One can understand a Muslim becoming harsh towards supporters of corrupt regimes in the world. Even I have harshly criticized such people for years. My clash with Mujahid the Saudi Salafi are well known to the politically aware people within Ireland. But then there is the other kind of Muslim. The one whose heart is in the right place. Who believes in the Caliphate and wants to see it implemented as the permanent obligation. It is a crime in my book to be harsh at such a Muslim unless for a very good reason. And this is where Hizb ut Tahrir completely fails. The kind of rude and unislamic behaviour from Hizb ut Tahrir members towards other Muslims is well known. I have personally witnessed this behavior by them towards others and even towards my own self. I will mention just a few cases here. One of their classic tacts in their defence is that as soon as someone accuses them of these things they say that these were the actions of Dariseen or students of Hizb ut Tahrir and not full members of the party. The following incidents are all confirmed by myself and include senior members of the party.

1. A student of Hizb was insulted and labelled an MI5 agent by a senior member of Hizb ut Tahrir. I know the person because he attended a study circle with me. I can personally confirm that he is no MI5 agent.
2. A friend of mine who migrated from UK to Turkey so he could bring up his family in a bit of an Islamic environment found Hizb ut Tahrir leader in Turkey in some objectionable manner and reported that with evidence to the party leadership. I don’t know what Hizb ut Tahrir did with their leader in Turkey. I do know that this brother who reported the offender to the leadership was given an “honourable” discharge from the party (He was a member of Hizb ut Tahrir).
3. A very famous Islamic activist (if you are a Muslim and reading this you know him) who was a member of Hizb ut Tahrir once told me that he saw Hizb member fighting each other with absolutely no manners during the time when they were having internal elections in the party. He told me that he felt Hizb members do not have the softness of the heart that is required for the akhira. He left Hizb ut Tahrir afterwards because of this citing philosophical differences with them.
4. A guy from London who runs a bicycle shop decided he would attend one of Hizb’s regular conferences in which most of the attendants are their own party members and supporters. I found him cursing Hizb ut Tahrir on Facebook. Once I was able to calm him down he told me that one of the Hizb organisers in the venue spoke to him in an extremely harsh tone because he was not sitting and he told me that the only reason why these people are able to do this is because he did not look British but he is originally from Pakistan!! I instantly knew that this person was telling the truth because I had observed a very similar incident with my own eyes at one of Hizb conference in 2009.

Look I can go on and on as this is a long list. In fact these kind of actions are well known to most Muslims who come in contact with Hizb ut Tahrir. I will however mention my own unpleasant experiences of this party (Plenty of pleasant ones, that is not the point of this article).

Deputy Ex Spokesperson of Hizb ut Tahrir Australia.

A former deputy spokes person of the Australian branch of HT was having some problems. For some reason he seemed to have a particular dislike of me. He kept responding to my Facebook postings with a weird attitude. I did nt pay much attention to it initially but after three years of seeing him at his usual business over social media I was quite weary of his antics. One day I replied to his posting without really understanding what he was saying. Instead of politely telling me what he was talking about he chose to insult and humiliate me… very wrong decision. I decided he was upto no good and three years was enough time to take his bullshit so I blocked him. Well all hell broke lose after that… since that time I have had numerous members of HT send me rude demeaning smug messages on Facebook. Their Australian spokesperson and a senior member, Uthman Badar threatened to smash my head on a desk after I tried to answer one of his questions (I did not realize that Facebook was brimming with Usooli scholars and he had asked the question from them only). He quickly removed his comment from Facebook and I shrugged off the whole incident as a petty and lame joke at that time. It is clear though that Hizb ut Tahrir spokespersons dont crack jokes. If he does come across me I would like him to try smashing my head on some desk!!! 

I did nt say anything to him though and decided to post a few comments in disgust of these shabab’s behavior in public without mentioning their names. Anyway a few months later I saw that the same ex deputy spokesperson of Hizb ut Tahrir was bullying two other fellows on Facebook. Since I could not read his comments I saw one of these person post a snap of the messages Mr ex deputy spokesperson had sent. This I could not tolerate and I finally reported him to Hizb ut Tahrir leadership. Here we had a senior member of Hizb ut Tahrir bullying other supporters of Caliphate like a 13 year old who has problems managing his hormones. I was confident that he will be disciplined by Hizb ut Tahrir. But heres what I found. Hizb ut Tahrir never once came back to me. It was as if I had complained to a wall. This is in stark contrast to the method of the Prophet saw. A man once complained to the Prophet saw that he had injured him by mistake and the Prophet saw exposed his skin asking the man to injure him in return!!! So that he could get even with him in this life!!! See how humble a man Muhammad saw was. You look at the HT people some of them behave like pharaohs. All they had to do was just inform me that they have sorted out the issue and told their member not to act in this manner but sadly in the Caliphate run by Hizb ut Tahrir, their own members will be beyond any criticism and beyond any rule of law. They can do whatever they want to do. Had they been sincere in their accountability that person would ve been disciplined and I would ve been informed. Dont try to take a case against Hizb members to a court in a State run by Hizb ut Tahrir. You will never hear back!!!

BTW this deputy ex spokesperson (who is also a Hafiz e Quran) sent me a good few messages from another account after I blocked his original account on Facebook. He never once apologized for his behavior. Infact he told me that he had not realized who I was. He said this after he saw my documentary The Unknown Sultan. SubhanAllah!!! So had I not been who I was, it would ve been alright for him to act in the manner that he did!!! In case you are wondering his name is Faraz Amin Nomani.

Amazingly, Hizb has an interesting plan for accountability within the Caliphate. They say that their own party will account the Caliph for his actions. This is from a party whose members take offense at the reporting of their senior members while they dont even have a Caliphate yet. This is the exact same mindset of ISIS.

The Two Teachers of HT:

Here are some interesting incidents by a couple of guys who go by the label of Ustadh (teacher) of HT. One is based in England and the other in Canada. The first Ustaadh sent me threatening messages after he got upset because I was posting against the Tableeghi Jamaat. For those who don’t know Tableeghi Jamaat is an apolitical movement that has caused al lot of thought damage to Muslims. The most funny thing was that right at the same time this ustadh was showing me how much guts he had, a senior member of Hizb ut Tahrir from Pakistan was also posting against Molana Tariq Jameel the very leader of Tableeghi Jamaat!!!. This goes to show how totally illiterate the members of HT are about certain affairs of the Ummah and even how ignorant they are about their own party members stance on those issues.

In all fairness this Ustadh from England then asked one of his friends to contact me asking for forgiveness for his rude behavior. Well I have forgiven him but the problem is much greater than his rude behavior. I cannot support a group that boasts a line of such eejets and charlatans. This is nt about me. This is about Hizb ut Tahrir’s call to be given leadership of the Ummah. Because this Ustaadh had some decency to apologize for his behavior, I am not going to mention his name.

Another Ustadh of Hizb ut Tahrir, Ustadh Mazin AbdulAdhim from Canada got upset at me because I disagreed with him about whether the first beheading by ISIS was real or not. He was of the opinion that since he has been a butcher and ran a meat shop in the past he was more qualified to assert that ISIS had not actually decapitated their captive. I asked him whether he knew the history of ISIS and if so why did he think it was impossible for ISIS to do such a thing. Well he got upset because apparently challenging an Ustadh is a very sinful thing to do. The next time we discussed he started telling me that I should respect the scholars. To that I responded by saying that I am more than happy to respect scholars who teach Islam and are sincere. However scholars for dollars was actually a term concocted by Hizb ut Tahir members themselves!!! Then he went on a rant about Sheikh Uthaymeen not being a Saudi supporter. It turned out that he did not know that Uthaymeen is a well known supporter of Saudi regime. I even found a youtube video at that time in which Uthaymeen talks in support of the Saudi regime. This Ustadh even went as far as questioning whether I had started supporting ISIS??? This was the end of all my contact with Hizb ut Tahrir. I messaged the admin of Khilafah.com to remove my documentary from their page and told him that I was dissociating myself from Hizb ut Tahrir completely due to member behavior and attitude.

So Hizb ut Tahrir is an organization that claim they want to bring back the dignity of Ummah but they can’t give Muslims 2 minutes worth of dignity during their discussions. Hizb ut Tahrir has been unable to win the hearts and minds of most Muslims yet they think they will win over the hearts and minds of the whole world!!! They consider themselves as intellectuals, enlightened thinkers but just look at how rude and offensive these people are…

In the end I will share the very first observation of mine that raised some red flags about this group. If these people don’t like someone they stop answering Salam to them. I noticed this with one of their senior members myself.

Power to Hizb ut Tahrir would mean replacing one group of oppressors with another. They are a group of people not worthy of Muslim leadership. Plain and simple.

There are many many more incidents one could easily write a book with at least two volumes about the antics of Hizb ut Tahrir members. One could even rename Hizb ul Tahir to Hizb ul BudTameez  (The party of the ill mannered). It is more fitting name for the type of people that fills the ranks of this organization, but I am not going to go so low.

After all this how could I in my good conscience ever support such a group of people. This is why I have asserted that the Caliphate has been hijacked by groups like ISIS and HT. But have no worries… inshAllah the Caliphate will return with leaders who are benevolent towards the people of this world and may Allah help us so we can see and support those people in our life times. Groups like HT are like non militant ISIS. Once they have power they might wanna chop my head off for writing such a detailed blog article against them  🙂

May Allah forgive all my sins. I have written this article as a duty to inform Muslims nothing more. If I have offended anyone (other than ISIS, HT and TJ) I do apologise for it.

And let me repeat. If you have the opportunity to learn from HT, do learn from them. This is not about opposing their ideas and concepts. But always be aware of the concerns I have raised above. If they think there is nothing wrong with social media bullying and petty and cheap insults thrown towards individuals they dislike for some reason, well then they cannot be more wrong.

I m also aware that many people will try to make this about me. I wonder the type of slandering they will come up against me. They have already honoured me with these words. Insincere, Non Intellectual, Fool and Grandiose and questioning whether I was a supporter of ISIS!!! Astughfirullah.

I call part 3 of this series of articles The Circus and the Clown