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This section contains our columns and letters published in different Irish newspapers from 2008 to 2012.

Our first letter was published in the Irish Independent regarding a column by Ian O’ Doherty. In those days I was acting as the Imam for the Jummah at Saint James’s Hospital. When I found out about Ian’s column I thought I would engage the congregation in some political work and the response was tremendous. About thirty people signed the letter within a week, most of them doctors working at the hospital. I called the editor of the newspaper and sent the letter in. Then it was published. There was a problem though. It was edited so badly that parts of the letter made absolutely no sense. I have never seen such editing in a newspaper. I remember at that time the letter was being discussed in the Irish political forums on the internet and someone commented that the letter is signed by about 30 educated people yet its full of so many stupid mistakes. It almost felt like it was deliberate. We asked them the question why there were so many mistakes in our letter but never got a reply. So we will call it a deliberate attempt by the Irish Independent Newspaper to make Muslims look stupid who cant even draft a simple letter properly. 🙂

In early 2010 Metro Eireann approached me and asked if I would be interested in writing for them. I had always felt that the Irish people in general knew next to nothing about Muslims, their land and their history and how they see the world affairs. With that thought in mind I jumped to the opportunity and we contributed to Metro Eireann for the next two years writing from the platform of a think tank that Dr Barkat Masood and myself had setup in 2009 called Glor Moslamach (Irish for Muslim Voice).  At one point we had about 10 doctors and a couple of other people participating in our writing (well, most of the writing was done by me honestly but there were some contributions from other members also). Barkat is our Ameer and provided editorial control. We were both interviewed by Mary Fitzgerald of The Irish Times in 2011. Since then almost all our supporters have left Ireland due to various reasons mostly economical and personal reasons.

We had to stop writing for Metro Eireann in 2012 due to their unfair editing and additions to our columns. We were on a look out constantly for such behaviour as we had had such experiences before. One of our first columns was changed from a column that was making fun of the idea of integration into one that seemed like a far right extremist rant.

I am now publishing these columns and letters in a blog like format. Many of the problems and issues we discussed in these publications remain as important and relevant as before. We hope our readers will like and share them with their friends and families and it would prove beneficial for those with an interest in political Islam.

Footnote: Wherever the Hadith or sayings of the Prophet saw is mentioned on this website, it means a translation of the Prophet saw speech from Arabic to English.