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Hidden forces of good and evil:

From Syria to Pakistan and Turkey to Sudan we are seeing a particular tactic that these regimes are utilizing as propaganda. In Egypt, Tantawi and US are following Bashar Al Assad’s playbook. Tahany El Gabaly, who is the highest-ranking woman in Egyptian judiciary said that “State security, (those who were torturing opponents of Mubarak for all those years) have reliable information about a plot to implicate Egypt in a civil war”.  She sounded just like Buthaina Shaaban (Bashar’s advisor) who eight months ago spoke about “Mundasseen” (hidden elements) among the protestors. In Pakistan, intelligence agencies protecting their corrupt masters are doing the same. You see lackey’s of the establishment like Zaid Hamid and ISI mouthpieces like Ahmed Qureshi talking in the media about how Pakistan is facing a war and everyone should support the corrupt Army leaders like General Kiyani and General Pasha who are essentially leftovers of the traitor General Pervaiz Musharaf (aka Busharaf). The Pakistani Army is a source of great shame for the people of Pakistan as despite having the technology and strength they are even reluctant to bring down pilotless drones that are killing mostly innocent people in the tribal regions of Pakistan and fuelling terrorism. We never stop to hope however that the sincere in the armies across the Muslim world would support their people instead of these corrupt regimes. The enemies of Islam and supporters of the current order of tyranny are visibly weakening and this is the reason we see a similarity in all of them talking about unknown and unseen dangers and enemies as a last ditch effort to take the spark out of everyone and send them back to a state of mind that they can control. The funniest part is that if you ask these pro establishment goons about what the rulers and people of influence and power in the military and civilian governments are doing to solve the problems facing everyone, they talk about hidden and unseen patriotic actions that normal people do not and cannot understand!!!!

Everyone knows that intelligence agencies are involved in kidnapping and torturing people who speak out against the status quo. The Pakistani courts have even acknowledged that this has happened yet they refuse to take any action against the culprits in the ISI and Military Intelligence of Pakistan.

Addendum: NATO troops attacked Pakistani Army border check posts, just as this article had been submitted for publication. The Army in its perpetual service to the US started another campaign of deceit by stating that they were blocking NATO supply routes and ordering the vacation of Shamsi Airbase. We have seen these statements before and nothing gets done eventually. The bigger problem for Pakistan is not Shamsi rather Jacobabad airbase which is still being used by the Americans. In reality the attack continued for approximately two hours according to some reports and Pakistan Army traitors kept begging the Americans to stop the attack and they did not send any Air support to the troops on the ground and left them to die at those check posts Golden and Volcano. Gen. John Allen the commander of ISAF and U.S Forces-Afghanistan, was in Rawalpindi at the Pakistani military’s General Headquarters meeting with Pakistan’s top officer Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani when this border skirmish took place.  We would like to pose this question to Kayani – when you shook his hand how did it feel? Was it sticky with the blood of our sons? And when is the next photo shoot?

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    May the entire government and the military leadership of Pakistan rot in Hell. Lanat Allah on Zardari, Gillani, Kayani, Pasha, Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi.