Freedom of Speech and Irish Newspapers

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The call for Islam continues to grow across the Muslim world and in particular the desire by many for a return of the Caliphate. As we watch the current bloodshed by American backed General Sisi and his supporters in Egypt, we are also seeing an interesting pattern in the world of news reporting. This pattern is called “Censorship”. Anything and everything to do with the Islamic Caliphate is actively being censored. At the time of the Prophet saw, the Kuffar employed similar techniques. Initially they tried to match the message of Islam with their own mythological tales. Once they realized that their system was nothing compared to Islam’s revolution, they decided to strictly stop people from listening to the Quran. They spread rumors against Muslims and the messenger. They said that Muhammad was a mad man naoodobillah and a magician who puts everyone in his spell. However, the harder they tried, the louder the message of Islam became. This is exactly what is happening today. You see similar tactics being employed by the enemies of Islam. So in the beginning they tried to sell Capitalism and Democracy to the world. When people tasted the bitter fruits of their rotten system in recent times, and when there were no more legs left for Capitalism to stand upon, our enemies tried to label every Muslim carrying the call of Islam as a conspiracy theorist and delusional, so an alternative could not be presented because Muslims are mad and have little to offer. Today if you are a Muslim and want to share your ideas in a free debate or discussion or get a letter published in a mainstream newspaper, you might as well watch “The Big Bang Theory” on TV. Forget about it. Newspapers and media outlets all over the world are censoring Islam and Caliphate. They are happy to promote a particular narrative about Islam that discusses a few religious obligations but as soon as a political narrative comes into play, all you are going to see and hear is static!!!

Actually not even that 🙂

In Ireland the government has tried to use a little known newspaper “Metro Eireann” to give a platform to minorities. However, mainstream newspapers and particularly the Irish Independent which is one of the most read newspapers in Ireland actively censors Muslim voices from being heard. They ll publish a story on the children of Imam Halawa arrested in Egypt by the military regime, but they will use that story to push ideas via their comments section that Muslims from Ireland should have nothing to do with events in Egypt. When someone tries to challenge their position, they ll simply censor those comments and never publish them. We decided to share this on our blog because this has been our own personal experience.

Next time you read anything about Islam in a mainstream newspaper in Ireland, rest assured it is a pile of useless whinging, drivel and cliches. Did nt you know. Its called Freedom of Speech!!! 🙂

Try searching and reading the editorial published in The Irish Times when the film Innocence of Muslims created outrage in the Muslim world. These people only remember freedom of speech when it is for insulting Islam or Muslims.

Update by Qasim:

As an example of appalling journalism in Ireland, allow me to link an article published in the Irish Times about the situation in Egypt. Reading it felt like I was taking quinine for treatment of active malaria. I actually felt like vomiting twice. So with that forewarning try the following.

Well… it seems this is the best that Irish journalism can offer us folks. Absolutely appalling article with zero understanding of Egyptian politics. I mean the guy cant be more ludicrous in some of his claims. He is writing as if he were a CIA operative rather than an Irish Times journalist.

In fairness and for sake of what journalists call “balance” heres what we will do. We challenge this “Irish Times Middle East Correspondent” to a public debate about this article of his. We will prove him wrong on his points for everyone to see. Come face us and maybe you will learn a thing (or two) about “balanced” journalism.

Dont count on him debating with us though.

Its called Freedom of Speech stupid!!! 🙂


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    In comparison to Irish media, the British media gives much better insight into events. Take for example this article published in the Guardian.

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    We have been noticing that for the past year or so another tactic of Irish Media. Presenting a watered down version of Islam that they like, they use a charlatan Imam by the name of Admiral General Dr Umar Al Qadri of Blanchardstown Mosque, we found out recently that he is supposedly some kind of a leader of all Muslims in Ireland. Most Muslims, specially those from the IndoPak region already know his teacher, another charlatan who goes around by the name of Professor Dr Tahir ul Qadri, who was caught red handed lying about the issue of blasphemy. InshaAllah, we will post detailed posts exposing Dr Tahir ul Qadri and some of the things his student Umar Al Qadri have been saying in the Irish media. Our readers who dont know these characters should become aware of them and warn others also. JazakAllah Khair.