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Published on July 1, 2011

All praise is for Allah! The people have risen across the Muslim world from Algeria to Bahrain and broken through the fear tactics that these governments employed against the people for decades.

Today we are at the defining stages of a new Muslim world. The decades long cruel and corrupt regimes in the Middle East have been shaken to the core. People are demanding a change from the corrupt system, and not just the faces of the puppets that rule them.

This has come at the cost of brave souls giving up their very lives for speaking the words of truth to the tyrants that have been ruling our lands. We have seen inhuman and brutal acts by the regimes in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria against their own people. The sacrifices of these martyrs shall not go to waste, God willing.

The current affairs in the Muslim world also shows that we were correct in our analysis from the very first day when we described the real problems facing the Muslim world – corrupt and evil rulers supported by the Western governments. We wrote last year about how tyrannical Gaddafi and his henchmen have been for the past 42 years. We also described the double standards of the West in supporting these fake leaders and at the same time hiding behind slogans of freedom and democracy.

It would not be wrong to assume that Western governments who support such people are themselves run by corrupt and evil people. One can tell the mentality of the people running the UN, US, EU and Russia when they move to make Tony Blair – widely considered a war criminal – as a peace envoy to the Middle East.

Those who speak out against the oppression happening in the world today need to be aware of this anti-Christ system. They have perfected the art of deception and brutality. They target and malign their opponent’s character. They lie about him so that people begin to mistrust those who are speaking the truth. They resort to attacking their opposition’s livelihood, property and even life.

This has been all too common in the Muslim world. Even in our interaction with the Irish society, we come across this oppression. The powers that be have adopted covert methods to do their dirty work. For example, one such person went around lying about us that we are against Christians. This happened after we described one of the reasons for support of secularism in the west being the historical deviation of the church from following the teachings of our master Jesus Christ.

Everyone knows the role of the Catholic Church in the Crusades, what they did to Galileo and the first person who translated the Bible into English. But the intolerance of certain people in Irish society is such that they cannot bear the thought of an immigrant speaking his mind.

Another person was worried that the HSE has doctors who have Islamic political opinions! One of these fanatics called the workplace of one of our members and complained to his employer.

Yet despite all this immoral and shameful behavior by a few people, we encourage Muslims not to lose heart. Today we are seeing the economic hardship and suffering of the common people in both east and west. The world is without a shield against this oppression.

But we announce with great joy that the new age of peace and prosperity is upon us. We predict that the Caliphate shall be established once again within five years from now. There are numerous indicators for it, and those who think the Caliphate is just a dream are failing to see the reality on the ground.

Once again people shall live under the shield of Islam, protected from the vultures that are shredding apart the world. God willing, our words shall be true and all the cruel regimes in the Muslim world shall soon come to an end.


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    Actually the first time I gave a firm estimate of return of Caliphate was back in 2010 a couple of months before the Arab Spring on Facebook and Internet Forum Discussions that I contributed to. May Allah bring it sooner Ameen.

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    While going over my published columns I noticed the prediction about the return of the Caliphate and it reminded me of something interesting. We all know that a militia in Iraq known as ISIS declared Caliphate in June 2014. It is perhaps not very surprising people who had listened to my talks on Caliphate and prediction of her return think ISIS is what I was talking about. This is a problem in the Ummah in general. It has to do with not paying attention to what is being said and being shallow and superficial in thinking. People who came up to me and told me I was right about the return of the Caliphate dont realize that I discussed what a Caliphate is in great detail and how to recognize it when it comes about. ISIS is not a new entity. It has previously existed as ISI and has only gained new recognition due to the complete failure of the American established current sociopolitical order inside Iraq. When Allah swt permits I shall write my observations and analysis on ISIS in more detail.