Feb 18, 2013.

The Unknown Sultan?


This is a story about the Great Famine of Ireland and the help sent by Muslims to Ireland during that time.

It is also a story of a long lost State. The Ottoman Caliphate

The end of the Ottoman Caliphate abolished the legitimate Muslim political authority in the world.

The Unknown Sultan is an event which despite being part of the Islamic heritage, history and legacy remains unknown to most Muslims today.

The Unknown Sultan was a joint project of a team of media professionals, thinkers, activists and artists. If you live in Ireland, have an interest in Islam and read newspapers, you have probably heard of our think tank Glor Moslamach.

Dr Qasim Afridi is originally from Pakistan. He did his post graduate training in Ireland and works as a Psychiatrist.

Dr Barkat Masood was born in Ireland and he did his post graduation from Ireland and the UK. He is also a Psychiatrist by profession.

Maeve is an artist and Breege is a media professional. They are both highly talented and accomplished in their respective fields.

The success of this website is also credit to everyone who supported our work and encouraged us to spread out in the most engaging manner, the message of one of the largest religion in the world. Islam.

This place hosts some of our work including the illustrated story book, newspaper columns and letters, documentary, public speeches and my personal blog. I hope and wish that Allah would forgive all my sins with this tiny effort of ours.

I hope you enjoy the website and all the material here.

Here is how we spend our days 🙂




 and Dr Barkat!!