The Unknown Sultan – Documentary

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The Unknown Sultan Documentary

Over a period of four years, I recorded and accumulated a lot of video footage and photographs related to history of the Irish Famine and the Muslim help sent during that time by the Ottomans. I came across a number of other stories while researching this event. Although these stories are not directly related to the historical events surrounding the Ottoman aid to Ireland but they are facts related to the Ottoman era and interestingly remain “unknown” to a lot of people.

Developing the sound track for the documentary was difficult. Those who are familiar with video making know that sound is the most important aspect of a film. Most music today comes with the annoying problem of copyrights if you want to use it in a video of your own. Even though my documentary is purely for an educational purpose and strictly non profit, in the end I searched and selected royalty free music for most of the project. There are a few songs with permission from the artists and I have mentioned them all in the credits at the end. I added a couple of music pieces of my own to the mix.

The documentary briefly touches on a few different stories. The events around the Ottoman aid is the main theme flowing throughout the story line. The other themes are contribution of Ottomans to music, sights and sounds of Istanbul and a relatively “unknown” gem of a museum at Topkapi (not the palace), the controversial topic of the Armenian Genocide during the First World War and finally the Islamic obligation of having central, singular leadership for Muslims and return of the Caliphate in the near future by the will and grace of Allah.

It was impossible to use all my recorded video and photographs in the documentary. This prompted the need for getting a professional editor to work on the project and that is where Breege did a fantastic job. I had to redo the audio narrative after we had completed the first edit of the documentary. This was done with the help of Kilian whose expertise in documentary audio recording was invaluable. He even made some changes in my script and gave it that professional touch in both the sound as well as the words used in the narrative. The final edited twenty minutes are both entertaining and educational.

Dr Barkat Masood and myself self funded this documentary.

Hope you enjoy it. Share it with friends and family and send us your feedback from the contact us section.