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This is a mix of two speeches from two different Jummah days

First Speech:

How can we Muslims build and increase our Taqwa or awareness that Allah sees everything. Well firstly we need to understand that Allah gave us this life as a test and we are going to be judged for our actions in this dunya. In previous times when Islam lived in the hearts and souls of Muslims, we produced great scholars who are unmatched in their research and discourse. I ll tell you a story about one of these famous scholars.

So the teacher gave all his students some sweets and told them to go and eat it where no one is watching them. So they all went and came back. All of them had eaten their sweets except for one boy. The teacher asked him why did he not eat his sweets. The boy replied that he could not find any place where he was nt being watched by Allah swt.

If we Muslims thought like this, surely our actions will improve. We will be more careful in our day to day life. For Allah sees everything and we are going to account for each and everything we do. Yes He is merciful but that is not an excuse to do sins.

I think this little boy was Imam Bukhari rahamullah.

Second Speech:

I told the story of Malik Bin Dinar to the Jummah gathering.

Here have a listen to it below. It makes for a good Jummah speech about abstaining from sin, having tawakul and belief in Allah despite going through difficulties in life.


Aqeem us Salah