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 The Head and the Shoes

 We read reports of massive floods in Pakistan with great sorrow. The Pakistani Army quickly began operations to rescue people stranded on roofs and tree tops. The effects of these floods have been absolutely devastating with upto 4 million people displaced and 1500 confirmed dead.

As if providing proof to all the things Glor Moslamach has been saying about the leaders in the Muslim world, the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari decides to leave his country in a miserable state and visit the U.K to kickstart his son’s political career. This man did not even have the shame to cancel his U.K visit when David Cameron the Prime Minister of U.K has only recently blamed Pakistan for exporting terrorism.

Finally one man decided to tell Zardari what the people of Pakistan thought about him. Zardari was delivering a speech in Birmingham to his party workers and supporters when an elderly gentleman stood up and hurled both his shoes towards the President. It was reported that unfortunately neither of the two shoes hit Zardari. But soon after this event there was a wave of applause and support for this unknown old man in the Muslim community of Birmingham.

And while Zardari and his stooges have fun in England, the people of Pakistan continue to suffer and cry and pray for sincere leadership from God Almighty. We would like to inform our readers that such leadership is coming soon to Pakistan and indeed to all the Muslim world. Take courage and well done to the unsung heroes in the Irish Muslim community who have stood up to support their brothers and sisters in need by collecting charity funds and devoting themselves to help their brethren in these desperate times of need. We would like to remind our fans and dear readers and specially the Muslim community that Allah has placed great emphasis and reward on the simple act of feeding the hungry and the poor.

Perhaps it should be said at this stage that even greater reward is promised for those who struggle politically to replace political systems represented by people like Pharoah, Saddam Hussain, Qaddhafi, Mubarak, Zardari and Saudi Royal Family to that of Abu Bakr, Omer, Utman and Ali may God be pleased with all of theml.

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    Whenever Pakistan Army has done any good, we have praised their work. The problem as perceived by the Pakistani population nowadays is that Army is the actual source of misery for Pakistan. It was Pakistani Army leadership such as Kayani and Pasha who gave support to the regime of Zardari. Without their support Zardari could never have become and remained the President.