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Wheres your scholars?

I get asked this question quite a lot. Here is just one of them.

I am posting this information from another web source:

Shaykh Taqi ud Din Al Nabhani Rahamullah (may Allah be pleased with him) credentials as a scholar.

Amongst studying with ulema in their halaqat (including his grandfather).

Sheikh obtained these degrees: Intermediate from Al Azhar University, Shahada tal Ghurba from Al Azhar, graduation in Arabic language and literature from Cairo, Dar al’ Uloom, degree of judgeship from Ma’had al ‘Aala – an institute of sharai’ courts affiliated with Al Azhar and Shahada tal ‘Alamiah in sharia’ from Al Azhar (masters degree) in 1932 CE.

Offices held by Sheikh:

Sheikh served in the Sharai’ education department of the Ministry of Al-Ma’arif until 1938 CE. Then he was promoted and was transferred to the Sharai’ Court and was selected as attorney in the Central Court of Haifa. After that he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Judge. Then he served as the judge of the Court of Ramallah until 1948 CE. After the occupation of Palestine by the Jews, he migrated to Syria but then returned to Palestine in the same year and was appointed the judge of Sharai’ court of Al-Quds. Then he served as the judge of Sharia’ of High Court till 1950 CE. Afterwards, he resigned from the post of judge and became a teacher at ‘Uloom e Islamia College in Oman. The Sheikh (rahimahu Allah) was an ocean of knowledge. He was a great Mujtahid and Muhadith.

Books by Sheikh Taqi:

i. Systems of Islam

ii. Structuring of a Party

iii. Concepts of Hizb ut Tahrir

iv. The Economic System in Islam

v. The Social System in Islam

vi. The Ruling System in Islam

vii. The Constitution ( The Khilafah State)

viii. Introduction to the Constitution (the Preamble)

ix. The Islamic State

x. Islamic Personality (Three Volumes)

xi. Political Concepts of Hizb ut Tahrir

xii. Political Thoughts

xiii. A Warm Call

xiv. Khilafah

xv. Thinking

xvi. Presence of Mind

xvii. Departure Point

xviii. Entering Society

xix. Lislah e Misr

xx. Al Ittefaqiyat as Saniya al Mastiya al Surya wal Yamnia

xxi. Hal Qadeeh Falasteen ‘ala Tareeqa tal Amreekya wal Engleezia

xxii. Nazrya al Faragh al Syasi Hol Mashroo’ Eezan Hawar

And there are hundreds of other intellectual, political and economic articles as well.

Note: The book “The Islamic State” was crucial for the information about the demise of the Caliphate shown in “The Unknown Sultan” illustrated story book.

Note on Hizb ut Tahrir: It is interesting how people associate the call for Khilafah with Hizb ut Tahrir. On numerous occasions, I have been called a Hizbi by many people. For the record I would like to state that I dont have the honor of being a member of Hizb ut Tahrir. However, I am a supporter of the call to Khilafah. Long before I found about Hizb ut Tahrir I knew that Islam does not permit nationalism and nation states within the Muslim world were a fraud. I have always believed in the pan Islamic unity of Muslims. I have experienced almost every Islamic group first hand and I can say with full confidence that the establishment of Hizb by Taqi ud Deen Al Nabhani has been for a noble cause and majority of Hizb members are very sincere in their work.  At the end of the day though, my faith in Allah is absolute, but my faith in man is not. I have seen men doing every kind of evil. I also know that as a human being I myself am not immune from the influence of Shaitan.  So it is my faith in Allah the drives me to work for Islam because the Khilafah upon the method and mercy of Prophethood is what mankind badly needs in this day and age of injustice, tyranny and oppression. This is where the alternative to Capitalism and Communism lies… in the form of The Unknown Sultan.

Khilafah in the near future inshaAllah is a reality that only the non believers would deny and a great part in the return of the Khilafah is going to be because of Hizb ut Tahrir. People should consider the fact that Hizb members have been killed by scumbags like Karimov, Gaddafi and Saddam. One of their members was jailed for more than 30 years by Gaddafi and yet no one in the media has ever reported this. The world media, owned by such despicable people such as Murdoch and funded by USAID in the Muslim world is deliberately keeping silent about such things. So that the ordinary person remains blissfully unaware of these atrocities Muslims are facing and secondly about the alternative Islamic ideology that Hizb ut Tahrir presents to the world.

Finally: Heres a partial list of other scholars I have learnt from by consulting their books.

Imam Abu Hamid Al Ghazali, Imam An Nawawi, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Hazm, Abdul Rahman Al Jaziri, Al Mawardi, Syed Qutub and Abdul Qadeem Al Zaloom.

I had the pleasure to learn directly from a very knowledgeable teacher of Islam Hazrat Hashmat in my college days 🙂

Muslims from the Indian subcontinent who make an effort to understand Islam in the modern age are generally influenced by Molana Modoodi rahamullah, Dr Malik Ghulam Murtaza rahamullah, Dr Israr Ahmed rahamullah, Molana Ishaq rahamullah, Dr Zakir Naik and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat rahamullah and Ustadh Noman Ali Khan. InshaAllah, I can write about all of them as I have looked at their work in some depth and detail and can comment on their tremendous good and their few mistakes.

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    In fairness, I must state that I do not like some of Hizb members. I have found them to be very insulting and rude in interacting with people. It is unfortunate that people associated with such a movement act in this manner. Like any other group, not all members of the Hizb would be of the highest character and social skills. The important thing that matters is the work for Caliphate must continue. Personality clash in a group situation should never take precedence over the group’s objectives.

    The actions of a few members is not an issue, rather what is worrying and disturbing is that Hizb as a political party is failing at some level in delivering a basic culture of Islam in which they should teach their students that it is a right of a Muslim to be answered with Walaikum Assalam when he says Assalam o Alaikum to you. They need to teach their members that just because they study a few books in Halaqat does nt make them experts on geo politics and specially when these students sit in Britain or Australia, having no experience of life in the Muslim world, act as if they know it all. Books may give you knowledge, they will not make you wise, rather it is experience that makes people wise. Very importantly, Hizb should teach its members that cyber bullying and all sorts of bullying is HARAM. (I have witnessed first hand their ex spokesperson from Australia bullying people on Facebook and I even reported it to the party, but got no result from them. If they disciplined the person, they did not bother telling me about it).

    Lastly, they need to stop their appeasement of groups within the Muslim world that are clearly and openly attacking the ideology of Islam. Believe me or not, there is no harm in calling a munkar a munkar. I have seen the failure of Hizbis on this issue again and again. During the 2000s they strictly discouraged people from discussing issues such as the Shia/Sunni divide, went as far as saying there was nothing wrong with Shia and acted silly then when certain Shia openly insulted the Sahabah and the mother of believers Ayesha RA in front of them. All they had to do was to make a principled stance from the beginning that insulting the Sahabah RA is attacking the very foundation upon which the building of Islam is built. One of Hizb’s senior member even called Khomeni a great Muslim leader and I personally posted a comment to him questioning his comments. They have in recent times however, addressed the issue of abuse of Sahabah RA by the Shia Muslims.

    A sane and aware Muslim would obviously know where each group within the Muslim Ummah stands, what kind of ideas they hold, what policies they adhere to. But if you want to experience the rudeness of some of the Hizbis, just say something factual against the Tableeghi Jamaat to them.

    Hizb ut Tahrir knows very well these problems exist within them, although some of them will now probably say things like I am working for some intelligence agency (they have accused people like this before, I personally happen to know one guy who left all contact with Hizb after one of their senior members wrongfully accused him of working for MI5. Honestly speaking I did not even like this brother and he was not the most devoted supporter and had his own ideas but he was no agent either). Interestingly, they themselves would be unable to operate so openly inside Britain and Australia without approval of the intelligence community of the respective countries (it is as simple as putting 2 and 2 together). I had the predictable experience of a lot of Hizbis that I considered my friends, severing contact with me on social media when I started criticizing them on some of these issues.

    Despite all my sins and what I say, I am still a part of this Ummah who is sincerely working for Khilafah in my own limited capacity (although one of their members was questioning my sincerity for Islam some months back, unable to stomach when someone holds a mirror up to them, they resort to attacking the one who is holding that mirror).

    May Allah guide us all and me foremost for I am in most need of guidance Ameen.