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In the name of Allah most Gracious, most Merciful

Khutbah Hajjah

I would like to discuss two issues today that have come up more than once after my Jummah khutbaat.

1. The issue of using names of criminals and stating their crimes.Brothers we are all humans and we make mistakes and sin deliberately. None of us here is an Angel or a Prophet to be masoom of any wrong doing. We also know that when we see a fault in each other we correct them and infact hide their faults. However there is an exception to this rule. This has to do with sinning openly. So when someone is driving while intoxicated, his sin is a public offence and he is to be brought to court and punished for it. The intoxicated person is endangering others with his actions. Similarly when a traitor stands as a leader of Muslims, it becomes a duty on Muslims who know about the treason to inform the public about him. In our lives we take Rasool Allah saw as our leader as the one who we follow. So when I use the name of Bush as a war criminal and General Kayani being an American puppet, am I following the Rasool or not?

There was a mn named Umar during the days of the Prophet. He was considered very wise and used to be called Abu ul Hikmah meaning the father of wisdom. But when he started oppressing and killing muslims the Prophet saw gave him the title Abu Jahal meaning the father of ignorance!! Thus we see it is Sunnah of the Prophet to refer to the open enemies of Muslims by name. Similarly it is the Sunnah of Allah to mention the open enemies of Islam also.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

Tabat Yada Abi Lahab Wa Tab

May the hands of Abu Lahab perish and may he himself perish

Both Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab are relatives of our master Muhammad saw.

Somebody remarked that what if General Kayani’s son were to listen to this. Well then listen to this. The first person to step forward to confront Utbah Ibn Rabiyah was his own son Hudaifa RA. When Khalid Bin Waleed RA became a muslim he asked that the verses of Quran revealed against his own father be read out to him first!!!