With friends like United States, who needs enemies

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With friends like these, who needs enemies

 Although Glor Moslamach has participants and friends from different countries of the world, we have some important contributors from Pakistan. Pakistan is a unique country in the Muslim world. This country was formed in the name of Islam and it continues to represent and function as a symbol of Muslim unity with a huge and diverse population of people who speak different languages and belong to different tribes and landscapes. Today Pakistan is a nuclear armed state with a strong and professional army. It was the Pakistani military minds, strategists and planners which defeated the feared superpower of the 20th century, USSR in Afghanistan. Two years after the communists were humiliated and thrown out of Afghanistan their entire state collapsed and USSR today rests in the dustbin of history.

 Enter the 21st century and there is only one superpower remaining in the world. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, America was considered a friend of Pakistan, the two countries united against the common foe which was Communism. This was despite the fact that everyone knows the American role in using Israel as a spearhead against the Muslim world. But things changed after the demise of Soviet Union. And then 9/11 happened. We saw the US bomb Afghanistan for revenge of the terrorist attacks. Those bombs did not kill Bin Laden. They did kill many innocent civilians. Then we saw the invasion and rape of Iraq. America went from being a friend of Pakistan to its most hated enemy. This phenomenon is not limited to Pakistan for people all over the world have seen what America has done and those with even the slightest bit of moral centre have criticised the Americans over their actions.

 Even before 9/11 it was clear to us that America does not consider Pakistan as a friend whatsoever. As soon as Pakistan went nuclear, America sponsored economic sanctions on this poor country. America went back on its deal and gave Pakistan soybean for the money that the Pakistani state had paid for fighter jets. Pakistan being an agriculture state had no use of those soybeans. Pervez Musharaf famously stated back in 2001 that his mother did not teach him to fear, but later accused the Americans of threatening to bomb Pakistan back to stone age if they did not join the US in their fight against Al Qaedda. People rightly gave him the title Busharaf!!

 Under Barack Obama the war in Afghanistan and the extra judicial killings of supposed terrorists in Pakistan continues. With the recent disclosure of Afghanistan having mineral riches of up to 3 trillion dollars, it is highly unlikely that the Americans would seriously consider ending this ongoing bloodshed. We have also seen plans to divide Pakistan into three smaller states unveiled way back in 2006. Our readers should google Blood Borders to find out more about this. Infact the new maps of divided Pakistan and the rest of the middle east as proposed by Ralph Peters have even been circulated amongst Pakistani parliament members. What most Pakistanis probably do not know that an unknown writer by the name of Syed Jamal Uddin has written a book called “Divide Pakistan to eliminate terrorism” which has even been advertised on American news network such as CNN.

 The hypocrisy in all of this is for everyone to see. India test fired a nuclear capable ballistic missile Pirthvi II with a range of 350km as reported on 18th of June, 2010. There was hardly any voices of condemnation or threats of sanctions against India over this. Now had that been Pakistan? This also proves true a well established mindset of Muslims that the western media is actively engaged in a war against Islam. Contrast the media and specially the American media’s response to this test firing with the way they have talked about Iran which does not have a nuclear weapon and which is actually a signatory of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, whereas India is not.

 We ask again. With friends like the United States, does one need enemies?

 The leaders and rulers of Pakistan should stand up to protect it. Let us not allow Pakistan to become another Iraq and surely the strength of Muslims lies in Islam alone. The people of Pakistan do not desire sell outs like Busharaf to lead them, rather we are looking for people who follow the examples of our master Muhammad the messenger of Allah and his companions and true followers, Abu Bakr, Omer, Osman and Ali, Khalid Bin Waleed and Muhammad Bin Qasim. May peace and blessings be upon them all.