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United Nations. A Colonialists Tool

Glor Moslamach shall unveil the ugly face of the UN which serves as a false God in our world today. People quote the UN as if it were some standard for morality. This is going to be the best exposition of this organization that you have ever read.

The two bodies charged with adopting resolutions in the UN are the General Assembly and the so called Security Council. The General Assembly comprises of all the members of the UN and each country has one vote. Its basic purpose is discussion and to make recommendations. Heres the catch. None of its proposals after hours and hours of discussions by its members are binding on any state. As an example Britain fanatically refused to denounce colonialism and with dreams of future resurrections of her colonialist empire, voted against the General Assembly resolution 2326 on the 16/2/1967 which called for colonialism to be denounced as a “Crime against Humanity”. Similarly it rejected UN General Assembly resolution 1810 adopted on 17/12/1962 which had set up a UN committee on decolonization. It stated on 11/01/1971 that “In the case of resolution 1810, the UK did not accept the right of the UN to interfere in the administration of territories (i.e colonies) for which the UK was responsible”.

Let us now discuss the Security Council. It has 15 members, 5 of which are permanent. These members are the US, UK, Russia, China and France. 10 other members are elected by the General Assembly every two years. The Security Council is where the real power of UN lies for its resolutions are binding on member states. It can also take military action against an aggressor and to call on members to take economic sanctions and other measures to prevent or stop aggression. So far all sounds good right? Wrong.

The 5 permanent members of the Security Council hold the veto power. i.e they can dismiss any resolution without giving any reason for it. This proves that the Security Council is a 5 member exclusive club where they legitimize all sorts of abuse against the world. Think about it for a second. United States invades another country. The Security Council brings up a resolution denouncing the US and regarding it as an aggressor. Do you think there is a chance in the world that such a resolution could be accepted by the Security Council. Never. Because the US will simply veto such a resolution into oblivion. Infact this is exactly what happened when the US vetoed a Security Council resolution condemning her own belligerence in the 80s!! Oh the irony and convenience of it all.

United Nations in Palestine.

It was the UN which created Israel with UN General Assembly resolution 181 29/11/1947. The UN stood by as a spectator when Muslims were massacred during the creation of Israel. Infact the UN has refused to pass resolutions such as the following.

S/16732. Condemn Israeli action in Southern Lebanon

S/19459. Deplore “repressive measures” by Israel against Arab population.

S/197000. Condemn Israeli practices against civilians in Southern Lebanon.

There are numerous other examples such as these related to Palestine.

United Nations in Bosnia.

The UN placed an arms embargo on Bosnia while leaving the aggressor Serbs with backing from Serbia. Muslims could not even defend themselves as the Serbs had tanks and artillery while Muslims fought back with only machine guns. The Serbs raped and massacred 8000 Muslims in Serbrenica while the UN “Peace Keepers” stood by and watched and did nothing.

United Nations in Iraq.

Director of UNICEF Rao Singh was reported on 21/07/2000 that sanctions imposed by the UN itself has killed more than five million children under the age of five. Furthermore Iraq was destroyed by the US and Muslims were tortured in jails such as Abu Gharaib and Guantanamo Bay but the United Nations did not do anything to help them.

United Nations in Afghanistan.

The current blood shed in Afghanistan is all legitimate by virtue of UN resolutions.

It is obvious that the UN serves as an important tool for the colonialists and thus Glor Moslamach recommends that the citizens of the world should make themselves aware about the evil nature and actions of this organization. Muslims should refuse to participate in the UN and certainly the Caliphate shall not be a member of the UN other than perhaps have an observer status.

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    All champions of Democracy answer this question. Is UN with a 5 permanent members of security council having the veto power a democratic institution?