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First Speech

As children we read a story from Aesop Fables. A man with his son are going to the town with their donkey. They pass by a group of people who start laughing at them. They say to the old man and his son. “Why are you not making use of the donkey. One of you should ride it”. So the man tells his son to get on the donkey. After a little while they come across a person who looks at them and says to the son. “This is very bad. The son is riding the donkey while the father is walking. You should let your father ride instead”. So the son gets off the donkey and the father starts riding it. They go further and come across another person who says to the father. “Shame on you. You ride the donkey while your son is walking”. So both the son and the father start riding the donkey at the same time. They come along another group of people who say to them. “How badly are you treating the donkey. You should be carrying the poor animal instead of riding it together”. So the father and son both get off the donkey, tie his legs to a wooden pole and carry it on their shoulders. As they are crossing a bridge, the donkey freaks out and starts kicking and falls into the river and drowns.

So the moral of the story is: You cannot please everyone at the same time.

We as Muslims should ask this question from ourselves. Who are we trying to please? Is it our relatives, friends, society in general? Instead of trying to please everyone, we should only be trying to please Allah. People will never be happy with you for one reason or another. However Allah swt has told us exactly what pleases Him and what makes Him angry. As Muslims once we know the Ahkam of Allah, it becomes easy for us.

Second Speech

Carrying on from my first speech, another question can be asked. Our governments, our countries and nations. Who are they trying to please. The answer is they are trying to please the different donkeys of the world. If we look at them, they are all trying to outdo each other in trying to please the Americans, the British, the Kuffar governments, who have caused us so much misery and want to continue their oppression via proxy. Just take the situation in Iraq and see how evil they are that despite destroying that country and ruining countless lives for spreading their ideology and profiting from Muslim resources, their media depicts them as liberators!!!  This situation can only change once we have a government that is only trying to please Allah swt and does not care what Bush or Tony Blair or for that purpose anyone in the whole world wants them to do. This system of ruling, of politics, of economics and social system, of law and judiciary is called the Khilafah. This is what we have lost and it is because of this we are suffering. I have already talked about the obligation of the Khilafah for us Muslims in my previous Khutbah. I encourage all of you brothers to look up and read up about this political system of Islam and become aware of the injustices of our current governments and rulers as well as the plots of our enemies against us. Only under a system of justice where Muslims, from the leader to the common man aims to please Allah swt shall we prosper, like we did before for hundreds of years.

And the new Mongols, the Americans. See what happened to the Mongols before them. Within 40 years of destroying Baghdad, one of their own faction became Muslim!!! The famous Mughal dynasty of India is actually descended from these Mongols. This Ummah is here to stay inshaAllah and anyone who attacks it will perish. Even if it takes a hundred years Islam shall remain and everyone that attacks Islam shall become history!!! Allahu Akbar

Aqeem us Salah