The politics of the Prophet saw

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In the name of Allah most Gracious most Merciful

Khutbah Hajjah

Dear brothers today’s topic is of a political nature. I am briefly going to talk about how politics is part and parcel of the Deen of Islam. Let us start about an action of the Prophet saw… a Sunnah where he made everyone around him unhappy. It was a political action that upset everyone. Even the best of the Sahabah Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali ra.

This event is the treaty of Hudaybiyah.

The Background:

So the Prophet saw sent spies all over Arabia. Some of his spies reported to him that the Quresh in Mecca and the Jews in Khyber are going to make an alliance. Khyber was the stronghold of the Jews in Arabia. As soon as the Prophet saw heard this news, he told the people that he wanted to go for pilgrimage to Mecca. He had also seen a dream in which he was walking around the Kaabah. The Munafiqeen thought that Muslims will be killed by Abu Sufyan the leader of Mecca. But the Prophet saw went ahead. We all know the story that the clauses of the treaty were so unjust that the Sahabah did not even listen to what the master ordered. It was our mother Um ul Momineen who reassured the Prophet saw at that time and he slaughtered his camel himself and the Sahabah did the same after that.

The Sahabah thought that they had become weak. But in reality Muhammad saw had a plan. So he ordered the Muslim Army to march to Khyber. The Jews were surprised when they saw the approaching Army and after considerable difficulty Muslims won the battle and conquered their Castle called Qamoos. What did that achieve? In the words of Umar Bin Al Khattab. “We  used to go hungry many times until the victory of Khyber”. Ayesha ra said “I could never eat dates to my hearts content until the liberation of Khyber”.

We know that later the clause that the Sahabah were most upset about resulted in Abu Jandal ra becoming a complete nightmare for the Kuffar of Mecca as his group attacked them constantly. In the end the Kuffar broke the treaty themselves and Mecca was liberated.

We all know this bit from the Seerah. I am only going to ask you this. Was this treaty and the manner in which Muslims used their weakness as a strength not a political move? The treaty of Hudaybiyah had nothing to do with Salah or Som did it? It was purely a political action thus it proves that political actions are also part of the Sunnah!!!

Just one point to add here. When self appointed Musharaf of Pakistan claimed that he was following the Prophet saw action in the treaty of Hudaybiyah by working with the Americans, he was lying for one good reasons. Never once did he show the Muslims of Pakistan or all over the world the clauses of this treaty. There was no treaty with the Americans. Musharaf basically surrendered Pakistan to the Americans and has actively helped America bomb and kidnap Muslims.

Second Khutbah:

The reason why I have chosen a purely political topic brothers and sisters is because I want to discuss two current issues of political nature.

  1. If you look at the elections in America, there are Muslims there who are asking other Muslims to vote for Obama so that he could become the president. I think this is because Obama upon becoming president will drop chocolates, ladoo and gulab jaman upon Muslims instead of bombs!!! Just listen to the speech this person Obama made to AIPAC. His vice president Joe Biden has publicly called himself a Zionist. His chief of staff in the White House is a Jew names Imaneul Israel. His director of the office of social innovation is Sonal Shah a member of VHP (Vishnu Hindu Parishad American Branch)… a group that was responsible for the demolishing of the Babri Mosque in India and a Church in Haryana. His representative to other world leaders is Madeline Albright a Jewess who claimed that killing of 500,000 children in Iraq due to sanctions was worth it!!! Brothers the reason I am telling you this is only because we Muslims fail ourselves in this dunya and akhira if we do not revive the Sunnah of politics. We have had the situation that an Imam by the name of Suhaib Webb has openly called on Muslims to vote for Obama. Clearly such people have either no idea of politics or they are being paid to do a job. Please I urge you to look up this information yourself. No change will come with the election of Obama. It is just a change of face. The system, the corrupt, rotten Capitalist ideology will continue… that caters for only one group of people… those who have the most money.
  2. In Ireland as you know I have always urged Muslims to be very careful as to matters of politics. I have had open debates with certain Muslims within the community who are calling upon others to vote within the Irish elections. The interesting thing is that they have so far refused to tell us who they want us to vote for?? This is because all political parties or their members within Ireland at some point have made anti Islamic comments. Fiana Fail, Fiana Gail, Labour and all… They have all stayed silent over the use of Shannon Airport by the Americans and believe in man made legislation over and above the legislation Allah has done for mankind. I will leave you to make up your own mind about this. I have previously discussed the whole issue of choosing leadership in Islam through elections however the elected representatives in Islam are never allowed to legislate on behalf of Muslims to decide halal and haram for us by a majority vote. We follow the halal and haram according to the teachings of Islam not according to what the majority in parliament decides!!!


Alahuma Saleh Ala Syedna Muhammad

Itaq Allah

Aqeem us Salah

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    I dont have to say anything about this Khutbah. Everyone knows Obama proved to be worse as he increased drone attacks on Muslim lands!!

    I was spot on about these people being the same… Alhumdulilah

    Shame on Imam Shuaib Webb for asking Muslims to vote for Obama… Someone should now question him!!!