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The following speech is in Urdu. This was uploaded a couple of years after my Jummah Khutbah on economic system of Islam. There is a wealth of information here and I would welcome anyone who can put English subtitles so more people can benefit from it.

The speaker is Imran Yousafzai who I had the honor of meeting in Pakistan years ago. After his speech he was kidnapped by a Pakistani Intelligence Agency and tortured until he had a gaping bleeding wound to his head. May Allah protect him. 

A very important point that I am going to bring up here is the obvious reasons why so called “scholars”of Islam are absolutely useless in solving the problems of the Ummah. Name one scholar who can or who has discussed the economic problems facing the Muslim world with such clarity and understanding. None. Zero. The only scholar that has attempted such an endeavor that I know of was the late Dr Israr Ahmed from Tanzeem e Islami.