The Day and Night of the Living Dead

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We are living in interesting times. The socioeconomic and political scene is changing all over the world. Our think tank has discussed the current economic crisis and the devastating impact of greedy Capitalism in the past. There are obvious signs of collapse of this system across the world from America to Japan. We also believe that this crisis is only on a temporary hold due to government interventions like stimulus packages etc. The real disaster awaits us in the future. We really wish we could be more optimistic but unless the economic system is radically changed, the cycle of apparent stability and real trouble in the markets will continue.

There is one thing that has always surprised us about our own Muslim community. We notice that Islam and Muslims have increasingly come under attack all over the world. Be it the brutal invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan or the attacks on Islam spearheaded by the media in the western world, it is there for everyone to see. But surprisingly a large section of the Muslim community stays silent in face of this bitter reality. Why is that? We shall address the reasons why we think Muslims stay silent despite the fact that they have all the reasons to be highly politicised and vocal against the oppression that has taken deep root in the world.

Welcome to the day and night of the living dead.

Let us make an even bolder claim. It is not just Muslims. The disease of apathy affects both Muslims and non Muslims. It is our personal experience that people avoid undertaking political measures. This can be because of the fact that when people do speak out they get little tangible results. So why should anyone bother. For Muslims however it is even worse. We are all scared and afraid. We have been called terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, the menace in the closet, the monsters underneath the bed, cave dwellers, Nazis, intolerant and God knows what else. We have been shown pictures of Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. Is it a wonder why an ordinary Muslim would not dare stand up and tell these people to shut up and stop insulting him? There is a genuine fear in the mind of Muslims today that they can get into serious trouble for making their opinions heard. We have also read reports that the Gardai has questioned Muslim protesters outside the Belgium embassy which amounts to nothing but State intimidation of Muslims who were engaging in a perfectly legitimate and peaceful protest.

The other reason for this apathy amongst Muslims is that some have lost all direction regarding teachings of Islam. Islam is more rightly called an ideology instead of a religion. Like capitalism and communism it provides specific solutions to address man’s problems in a comprehensive manner. However Muslims think just because they are Muslim they have a ticket to paradise. Whereas the reality is that Islam demands action against injustice. Islam demands people to raise their voice and engage with their societies with vigor. Islam demands to change people’s thoughts about their reality and their Deity. Finally Islam clearly warns people that if they dont undertake in this interaction, God will replace them with a better group of people.

We are noticing that this is exactly what is happening. The previous generation of our parents were very apolitical. They did not see where the world was heading and they just went along with the flow of things. Now the younger generation is more keenly aware of their ideology, the implications of its teachings and the responsibility of standing up for justice that Islam places upon the global Ummah. Hopefully the boring day and night of the living dead would come to a quick end soon. God willing.

And if you want to identify some of these zombies in the community, you can hear them say that Islam has nothing to do with politics. We have come across a few of these zombies in the past but our message to the wider Muslim community has always been not to fear the hypocrites and those who strive to divide the unity of Muslims with issues such as giving wrong dates for the start of the month of Ramadhan and Eid days. A time is soon coming when the Ummah will teach the snakes of their sleeves a delicious lesson of accountability. The rise and new dawn of Islam is upon us. From Morocco to Indonesia, Muslims are sick and tired of their incompetent and corrupt and downright anti Islamic governments and desire to unite the Muslim world into a mighty Islamic state called the Caliphate. In our future articles we shall discuss the issues of the Caliphate in detail God willing.