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Hadith #4297:

Narrated Thauban: “The Prophet peace be upon him said: ‘The nations shall gather and team up against you (i.e., Muslims) as the predators gather and team up against their preys. A questioner asked: ‘Is it because of us being low in numbers at that day?’ The Prophet replied: ‘No, you that day shall be in great numbers, but you will be as powerless as the foam of the water on the surface of the river, and Allah shall remove any fear from your enemies toward you, and He shall put in your hearts a corruption.’ A questioner asked: ‘O Apostle of Allah, what is the corruption?’ The Prophet replied: ‘The love of life’s amusements and the fear of death.’ (Translation of Sunan Abu Dawud, The Book of Fierce Battles – The Gathering of all Nations against Islam, Book 37, Number 4297)”

This is all changing now once again. For we are seeing the rise of a Muslim generation that loves Allah more than this world and everything in it. InshaAllah in our life time we shall see this generation take lead of the Ummah. Are you from that generation? 🙂