Syria – Where Angels Lay their Wings

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We are all watching the events happening in Syria with hope that the regime of the Alawi monster Bashar al Assad will soon be toppled. Reports of defections from the Syrian Army are nothing new: right at the beginning of the protests, soldiers with sincerity for their people refused orders to shoot at protestors and helped inform the world about the situation using modern media like YouTube.

The defectors have now organised, and with no choice except to defend themselves along with the brave citizens of Al Sham, they have co-ordinated tremendous and bold attacks on Bashar’s Shabihas.
Like Libya at the beginning of the ‘Arab Spring’, no one has gone to the help of the suffering in Syria. We have seen video reports of Bashar’s army shooting and killing people inside mosques and on the streets. Yet despite all that, neither the so-called Islamist Erdogan in Turkey nor the Hashemite Abdullah in Jordan nor the Guardians of the Kaba in Mecca, the Saudis, have come to the aid of the poor people of Syria whose sole crime has been to seek a better life under the shade of their ideology of Islam.
The useless Arab League is very worried and does not know how to put an end to this conflagration. Fearing for their kingdoms and governments, they called on Syria to show restraint lest trouble get out of control and affect the rest of the Middle East. They called upon their masters to reassure them that they will not be abandoned in the end like Gaddafi – who was praised not too long ago in the United Nations for his human rights record!
It’s a pity that these people never learn. They have all seen how their masters quickly discard their puppets and assets, like what they did to Saddam and Gaddafi. They have seen how their vast loot remains in the world as they move on to the next life where they will have no guards or protection.
The stomach and greed of these Muslim rulers reminds me of the story of Amr Ayar. We used to read about his magical bag that could never be filled – he could hide everything in it!
Look at any Muslim ruler today and you’ll struggle to identify a decent human being. From Morocco to Indonesia, Sudan to Turkey, Yemen or Bahrain, Pakistan to Iran, they are like a pack of hyenas out to feast on the flesh and blood of their own people.
Syria, however, could prove to be the undoing of the entire socio-political order of the Middle East. In the current uncertainty now prevailing in the region, it seems many powers are planning to plant their feet inside. We wish and pray for the safety of all people, but something is simply not right, and our worry is that in the next month or two the whole region could become embroiled in a most bloody and brutal conflict.
The Russians have already deployed their warships in the sea around Syria. The Shabiha animal army of Bashar is showing no reduction in the amount of brutality it can unleash against its own people. And although the US does not want to attack their secret allies, which includes Bashar and the Ayatollahs of Iran, Britain and Israel have their fingers on the trigger. There are even reports that suggest to us the next month in particular is crucial, warning of extreme changes and the very real possibility of all-out war. We pray that Allah delivers the people from the brutality of these sick regimes soon. Ameen.

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    Although a full out war has nt happened in the middle east, our hearts have been bleeding tears of rage and sorrow over what the Bashar Al Kalb and his Shabihas have done to our brothers and sisters in Al Sham and Bravo to the international community for watching massacre after massacre by Bashar against innocent Muslims of Syria and doing nothing to support them. Apparently, they are worried that the next government in Syria could be the Caliphate and not protect Israel like the Baathist Assad Alawite regime has been doing for over four decades.