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“The establishment of the Islamic Caliphate will upset the men of the imperial nations, and they will definately resist it with all they can muster from strength and power, and the most keen of them to do so is the British nation”
Rashid Reda, 1923 in ‘The Shari’a Rules connected to the Islamic Caliphate’

Sh. al-Khidr Hussein – an Azhari scholar from Tunisia who engaged in writing books against the ideas of secularism in the aftermath of the abolition of the Caliphate. These are quotes from the book he wrote refuting Ali Abdul Raziq’s treatise against Islamic rule.

“It is not correct for a caliph to be represented by a body created simply for the name – rather all the scholars stated that the caliph is an individual who remains in his position as long as he retains the approval of the Muslim nation, so it is far different from a despotic rule” (1925) – Sheikh Muhammad al-Khidr Hussein, Head of Al-Azhar 1952-4

Among Sh. al-Khidr Hussein’s students was the founder of the group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Sh. Taqiudeen al-Nabahani – who studied with him as an Azhar student in the late 20’s.

“If the Arab nation assist England in this war that has been forced upon us by Turkey, England will guarantee that no internal intervention takes place in Arabia and will give the Arabs every assistance against external foreign aggression. It may be that an Arab of the true race will assume the Caliphate at Mecca or Medina and so good may come by the help of God out of all the evil which is now occurring” Correspondance from Lord Kitchener to the Grand Sherif of Mecca, 1914

“Elections are not held in order to change the established politico-socioeconomic order, but only to run it properly. This is a crucial point that is often ignored by many sincere people who believe they can establish Islam through elections.The establishment of Islam represents a revolutionary change; it cannot be brought about by means of elections” Dr. Israr Ahmed, The Call of Tanzeem-i-Islami, 1994

To be continued inshaAllah…