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This column was published late 2010 as a review for some news stories for that year.

Glor Moslamach views on news.

Afghanistan revisited.

We would like to remind our readers about the sudden departure of Horst Kohler, the ex president of Germany from the political scene. Apparently he made critical remarks suggesting that military deployments of Germany in Afghanistan were central to the country’s economic interests. The left in Germany cried “gunboat diplomacy”. It all makes sense though considering that reports have been made public about Afghanistan mineral reserves of upto three trillion dollars!!! Now all of us know why it is so important to keep killing Afghan women and children so that we can all be fat and rich here in the west.

No tell us, which side are you on?

This is a question for the Irish State. On the one hand we keep getting reminded that Ireland donates so much to Palestinians in aid and charity and on the other we keep getting news such as the report by Don Lavery in Sunday Independent which confirmed that Ireland has bought upto 14 million Euros worth of weapons from Israel. The political leaders of this country should realize a few things about backstabbing Muslims in this way. Firstly tell us openly if you are being threatened by anyone? Did the Americans tell you the same thing they did to Musharaf. Either you are with us or we bomb you back to stone age? We are saying this with wishful thinking that Ireland really does not consider Muslims as its enemies that it supports killing of Muslims by supporting the weapons industry of the Zionist state. But if the Irish government is willingly and whole heartedly supporting the enemies of Islam then they need to realize one of the attributes of God is that He is Just and his Justice shall be done.

Al Azhar scholars lose their minds… again

One of the things that the colonialists managed to do during their occupation of Muslim lands was that they destroyed the educational institutions to the extent that our famous and ancient universities started producing zombies instead of decent Muslims. So the latest antic from Al Azhar goes like this. A bunch of teaching assistants from Al Azhar met a bunch of American Muslims to discuss how they can build bridges between the US and the Muslim world? For such a complex and mind boggling question we would like to offer a simple first step. America should stop killing Muslims left right and centre.

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    The reason for the invasion of Afghanistan or for that matter any other country by imperialist powers is nt always material benefits and gains. There are ideological motives in the background. America and the Western States spearheading their capitalist crusade in Afghanistan have achieved next to nothing after years of occupation. The Afghans could not gain complete victory over the Americans due to their obvious lack of military might, however the day America leaves Afghanistan the political order they want to leave behind would begin to crumble.

    In other words, Capitalism like Communism before shall be defeated in Afghanistan inshaAllah.