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First Speech:

In 2005, a newspaper in Denmark published insulting cartoons against our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw. We saw a huge response against those insults. Muslims protested, mostly peacefully across the world against those cartoons. If we leave these people to do such things, then we have no honour and dignity left, for as Muslims our honour is our Prophet saw. This is above our own relatives, children, families etc.

If you were walking on the street with your family, and a person comes along and tries to insult you and your family, your wife or your child in a vicious manner, how will we respond. We would obviously stand up to such bullying and tell this man to get lost. If he tries to attack us we will even resort to a few flying kicks to protect ourselves because we have the right to self defense. Similarly, these animals who indulge in such practices are no more than bullies that need to be stood up to. We as Muslims have no problem with people who want to engage in a meaningful discussion. We even tolerate criticism of actions of Muslims, but to publish such material and then hiding behind cheap slogans of “Freedom of Speech” is uncalled for and shall not be tolerated. Today in some European countries you can get in trouble for debating the Jewish Holocaust. Whether 6 million Jews died or was it 1 million? Why were they persecuted and killed in such a manner? Whether there were gas chambers as they tell us? Even though you may not be calling for violence against anyone. Forget that, if you as much as make your opinion as a Muslim known to public which goes against the grain of society, people jump on top of you and start questioning you why you are not integrating, they ll resort to insults and abuse. Not only that there are numerous times when this so called free media of the West has resorted to total censorship. You cannot insult their petty politicians and their ludicrous monarchs, but hey its perfectly legit to insult one billion Muslims and trample on their honour by insulting our master Muhammad saw.

Second Speech:

Muslims took a few actions other than protesting on the streets in face of these insults. According to reports Muslims in Saudi Arabia started boycotting Danish dairy products. One company by the name of Arla Foods suffered 2 million dollars per day of loss due to this boycott.

But what did our leaders do? They claim to be Muslims, what did they do? If Saudi Arabian government wanted to teach the Danish a lesson, they would ve broken all trade with Moller – Maersk, a company which has a business of oil transport via shipping. This would ve brought Denmark business on its knees. But they did nt do this. They gave shallow speeches of condemnations against these cartoons, in reality they dont care if our messenger is insulted. This is because they dont derive their honour from being followers of Muhammad saw. They derive their honour from being followers of Dajjal, of Kufr, of Western countries like the UK and USA. They dont care about Muhammad saw. They dont care about you, your blood, your honour, your dignity, your livelihood. They are snakes feeding off the poor Ummah. It is them that we have to remove and bring about rulers and leaders like Sultan Abdul Hameed Han. Sultan Abdul Hameed Han heard about a theater play insulting our messenger and he told these Western colonialist powers that he will declare Jihad e Akbar against them if they dont stop this play. What happened. They did not allow that theater performance. They are still scared of you brothers. If only you knew your strength. If only you stood up for your honour that is the messenger of Allah, Muhammad saw.

A final point to keep in mind is that explicit insults against our Prophet saw is one thing. When we look at our countries where we are not living according to the message of Muhammad saw, when we are dealing in haram like Riba openly, when our laws have either nil or at best partial resemblence to Shariah, we are all accepting this drama as an insult to Muhammad saw. It is an insult to Muhammad saw when someone calls Saudi Arabia an Islamic State. It is an insult against the message of Islam to consider Iran as an Islamic State, or be it any country with a Muslim majority in the world today. The oppression that they are engaging in has nothing to do with Islam. So we should rise up against these insults as well. These leaders by the names of King Abdullah and Ahmedinijad and Gaddafi and Mubarak and Musharaf… they are all insulting Muhammad saw and Muslims although not explicitly but in their actions they have left nothing hidden as to their treachery against Islam and the Ummah. It is time that we Muslims did something about that also.