Of Wolves and Caliphates (Part 3)

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The Circus and the Clown

By a twist of fate I started working in a position along with a close friend of mine in July 2010. He told me about this sensation that was sweeping across Pakistani media. So after work I went home and searched for Zaid Hamid.

What I found was truly a shock to the system. I could not believe that so many of the concepts that we had only heard in gatherings of 20 people till that time were being aired on mainstream media inside Pakistan reaching millions of viewers. Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid was like a breath of fresh air in those days. His most famous program Economic Terrorism was one of the best explanation of Islamic economics I had seen on a Pakistani channel. Most interestingly Zaid Hamid also called for the re establishment of the Caliphate.

Within a year however, Zaid Hamid stood exposed as nothing but a fraud. People were aware of his links of Pakistan’s military establishment and that was not the main problem. It is well known that Pakistani establishment relies heavily on its Islamic credentials. The hope was that perhaps the establishment of Pakistan was serious about implementing Islamic teachings and carrying the call of Islam to the world in the most benevolent manner. However a few things raised alarm bells about the person of Zaid Hamid.

People were aware of his links with a person named Yusuf who was sentenced for claiming to be a Prophet naoodobillah. I have looked in some detail on this issue. There were tens of witnesses who gave evidence in court against Yusuf stating that he did claim Prophethood. Zaid Hamid maintains that Yusuf had not claimed Risalat (Prophethood) rather he had claimed Khilafat (Successorship). Walahu ilm.

The next problem with him became apparent very quickly when he deliberately started confusing the concept of Khilafah and associated it with notions like Patriotism, Nationalism, Benevolent Dictatorship and Spiritual Democracy. His concoction of United States of Islam became the prime joke among those who were aware of his fraud. Furthermore, despite the fact that Pakistan Army was consistently playing puppet to America under both Musharaf and Kayani, he called it the Fauj of Rasool Allah!!! The slightest criticism of Kayani and Pasha would instantly get you the label of being an Indian Agent. It became clear that the Pakistani intelligence was heavily involved in the operation that was Zaid Hamid. After he had tried to damage the noble idea of Khilafah with his antics and he was of no more use to them, the agencies and Pakistan Army started calling him a liability and dumped him. Today he is mostly forgotten by his thousands of initial supporters inside Pakistan.

The game was nt that simple however. Zaid Hamid was deliberately planted by Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan in Pakistani media for a particular purpose. Zaid Hamid’s Think Tank BrassTacks office is located right in the heart of Rawalpindi. If anyone utters the word Khilafah in Pakistan today they get kidnapped and thrown in jail and get tortured, yet Zaid Hamid continues to get airtime on Pakistani cable channels and is kept close to General Head Quarters of Pakistan Army. One cannot help asking Why?

Zaid Hamid is what is known as a Honey Trap. Zaid Hamid would send thousands of e mails to Pakistan Army Officers and those who showed an interest in the idea of Khilafah became instant suspects as Islamists in the eyes of Pakistani intelligence. I know about an Army Coronel who lost his belt because he was charged with supporting Zaid Hamid!!!

Basing his persona on some ancient predictions by a mystic, Zaid Hamid tries to depict himself as a Turk like Ghazi with Green Eyes who will one day become President of Pakistan. Among his many golden ideas, he also plans to ban Modern Medicine and only allow Homoepathy!!! LOL

These are the games people play in order to prevent Islam from being implemented in the Muslim world. To keep the masses entertained with such clowns in this circus. InshaAllah their games will turn against them one day!!


Zaid Hamid with Retired Sell Out General Kayani