If you are preparing a Jummah Khutbah, this section may help you with some ideas. This is a compilation of some of my Jummah speeches over a period of two years.

It is hard to deliver complex concepts to the Ummah using Friday Khutbat. The difficulties are manifold. Firstly if you try to speak about relevant Islamic and political issues facing the Ummah, you are bound to have people in the Jummah gathering who will try to create fitnah for everyone. I can speak from experience that among Muslims there are those who will do their best to disrupt the Jummah once you try to discuss important issues and matters with Muslims. They are happy for you to talk about issues with no importance or connection with the Ummah’s current affairs. These people may not necessarily be mukhabirat. They could simply be ignorant, hypocrites or zombies.

Unfortunately, many people tend to have a bystander mentality which is worrying when it comes to Muslims, for the one who does not speak out against falsehood is neglecting the most important duty of “Enjoining the good and Forbidding the evil”. Anyway, after a few people started fighting during the Jummah over the various topics I was discussing during the Jummah Khutbat, such as politics, economics, foreign policy of the West, I decided not to lead the prayers in order to keep the unity of Muslims on Friday to continue.

InshaAllah Jummah would have a different meaning and feel to it in the Caliphate.

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