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So this is how it started.

In early 2007, I was attending a Jummah Nimaz (Friday Prayers) at our local hospital. The gathering of Muslim doctors and hospital staff workers had no appointed Imam for this purpose. Every week one of the doctors would get up and deliver a sermon and lead the prayers. One day there was no one willing to lead the prayer. One of the senior doctors pointed at me and told me that I should lead the prayers. I told them that I had not prepared anything for the sermon and excused myself, but did offer them that the next week I shall be ready. Next week they asked me again, and I was ready. I had prayed the whole week that I could do the heavy duty that they were asking me to do. Surely, it is a great responsibility for the Imam leading the Jummah to direct Muslims and discuss the pressing issues of the Ummah.

The reason why I m posting these speeches is because I have always felt Jummah speeches lack what we need as an Ummah. So hopefully someone who leads Muslims in Jummah could find these beneficial and helpful. Currently due to the decline in the level of thinking of the Ummah, the following has been happening.

If you have an Imam from IndoPak region, then most likely, they ll read two speeches from a book and keep repeating this every week. I would like someone to correct me on this but I have not known this to be a practice of Rasool Allah saw or the Sahabah and thus it seems like an innovation. There is another interesting thing that they do before giving the Jummah khutbah, they give a speech sitting down. So in total three speeches instead of two!!!

Anyway, I m not going to post all my speeches during these years, but a few will suffice as examples to the available range of topics our scholars and Ayma can talk about during the Friday sermon. They are not exact words of my speeches but I am rewriting most of them from memory for this website. Similarly dates of these speeches are approximate as I have lost some of the records.

An overwhelming majority of the doctors who heard my first Jummah speech requested me to continue as “Imam” of our small and local congregation. I told them that I was honored and from that time onwards I led the Jummah Nimaz almost every week for over two years.

This prompted me to learn how to do the Jummah Khutbah properly. I called my mentor and asked him how to deliver the Jummah. The following points should be considered.

The Khutbah has to be in Arabic. The minimum Arabic speech required in the Jummah Khutbah by the Khateeb has to include Praise for Allah (Alhumdulilah), to send blessings upon the Prophet saw (Alahuma Saleh Ala Syedna Muhammad) and tell the congregation to fear Allah (Itaq Allah). I would generally read the Khutbah Hajjah during the first speech.

The Imam can talk in a native language for the rest of the speech.