Ignorance in the Information Age

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Propaganda to brainwash people:

Our parents used to tell us how the British used to reward the traitors amongst the Muslims of India. They used to make them sit on a horse and tell them to ride it till the horse got tired and stopped and all the land that the horse traveled would be given to them for their loyalty to the British Empire.

One of the aspects of any warfare is propaganda. So the colonialists started the campaigns of lies and deceit. They used modern technology like radio and television to spread disinformation amongst the people. Newspapers kept printing nonsense and fed it to people to the extent that they became brain dead. They created cults of personalities as Muslim leaders and the Zombies follow them blindly without a second thought.  When in reality everyone knows that puppets only move when their masters pull their strings.

Ignorant in the age of information technology:

It was a strange scenario that while we saw Gaddafi being killed on the streets of Libya at the hands of those he was calling rats not long ago and a huge population of Libya breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of his lifeless body, there were some in Pakistan mourning his killing.  It could be excusable perhaps in the past but in this day of information technology, there is no excuse. Some people supported these “brother” leaders because they are still stuck in the dark ages and believe that socialism is some sort of a solution for mankind. They should remember that the Muslim world under no circumstances would go back to the time when people like Jamal Nassir, Gaddafi and Saddam were placed in power on them in the name of Socialism. These people came to power on talk of raising their people (Hizbi Baath in Iraq literally means Party of Rising). However they turned against the very people that they were claiming to uplift, defend and protect. The only agreement that Muslims have with the Socialists is regarding the problems of Capitalism. We do not agree with Socialist solutions.  All the Socialists who try to gather support from ignorant Muslims everywhere including Ireland need to consider the fact that it was Muslims who brought down the giant socialist empire of the USSR.  Islam and Socialism are two opposing ideologies.

Arab Spring has not achieved its objectives:

The protestors have been asking for only one thing. Change. But not just a change of faces rather a complete change of the current socio-political and economic system. Until and unless we see that happening, there is little reason to believe that the Arab spring has achieved its objective. In fact Western neo-colonialism is attempting to hijack the revolution. Look how they stabbed their dear friend Gaddafi in the back. The sole miscalculation of Gaddafi was that he never thought NATO would intervene and annihilate his petty Army of paid African mercenaries. Its an amazing fact that these very Western governments had showered Gaddafi’s Libya with praise and placed it on the UN Human Rights Council, knowing fully well how Gaddafi treated political prisoners. The precedent that these protests have set up however, means that the Muslim world can and will rise up again God willing if a tyrant like Gaddafi or Mubarak or Saleh or Bashar is imposed upon them again. As we mentioned above in this article, the media plays a key role in shaping the understanding and opinions of people. Thus media has a great responsibility in speaking the truth no matter how bitter it is. It is time now that the media presents a sincere debate and analysis about the real desires of the Muslim world to take their destiny in their own hands, away from the poisonous influence of the West that has divided and destroyed our land and people.